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Balancing Act uses the devising process in creative theatre workshops.

Drawing on multiple creative practitioners, our practice is unique as it promotes artistic excellence whilst focusing on care. We use these techniques to explore participants' experiences and perspectives whilst, most importantly, having fun!

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We offer drama workshops that explore wellbeing with a person centred approach. These sessions can take many forms and be tailored to meet the needs of the group. Contact us about socially prescribed opportunities and how to get your groups involved in our classes and courses.

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The ability to pretend as ‘other’ offers multiple openings to try on identities and, perhaps, to shape our becoming in directions we might not have considered.

Monica Prendergast and Juliana Saxton, 2020

I liked the free exploration. It didn’t feel overly structured, but it made me feel liberated.

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I like that it was multidimensional, with movement , dance, singing and storytelling. I liked the opportunity to be loud and big. The emphasis is on play and allowing ourselves to be silly. Basically I liked everything!

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